About Us

Unofficial Kannada koota was established in 1990 under the patronage of Sri. Ananda Vardhana and Smt. Jaishree Vardhana.

Although there are good number of Kannadigas in and around Portland, there isn’t any registered organization. In spite of that, our Koota has never failed to organize two programs every year! All thanks to our dedicated volunteers – they make it happen every year!

It just becomes an extended family when it comes to organizing any event.

With effect from 09/21/2016 our Koota has been exempt from federal income tax under IRC Section 501 (c) (3).

Donors can deduct contributions they make to Portland Kannada Koota. Tax id # 45-5008348

ನಡೆದು ಬಂದ ಹಾದಿ...


  • To bring all Kannadigas together – ‘Kannadigaralli Oggattilla’ is a known fact. We need to prove that it is wrong. We need to build a strong, supportive, nurturing, loving family!
  • To provide media for sharing our talents and culture
  • To establish an environment for exchange of information among Kannadigas
  • To pass on our rich cultural heritage to our younger generation
  • To protect and promote our maathru bhaashe
  • To revive our childhood days – build an ORnataka here in Portland!


Jayashree Vardhana

Mukyadyaksharu (President)
Shailajah Prasannan
Kajanchi (Treasurer)

Meera Kanagal & Rekha Sridhar

Nagendra Tirumali

Cultural Secretary


Vinod Natarajan

Deepak Dasalukunte