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Meghana Rao and her friends have started a non-profit organization called Portland Junior Scientists. The organization runs after-school science programs for at-risk youth in the Portland area. They have applied for the Case Foundation's Finding Fearless grant competition to receive funding to expand their program to more locations. They have been selected as one of the top 20 finalists among 1200 applicants! So far they have received a $1,500 grant as well as $25,000 in Microsoft donations.

They are currently gathering community support to help them receive an additional $10,000 bonus grant which would allow them to continue and expand their program to 5 more locations in Portland.

Please support them by voting at:

You can either vote through your Facebook account or thru email. If you choose to vote via email, please confirm your vote by replying to the email they send you. Please remember, you only have to vote once!

Please share this with your friends. Thanks for your support.


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