Deepavali 2014

Portland Kannada Koota is excited to announce the celebrations of Deepavali 2014 on Saturday, December 6​th at Glencoe High School Theater.

We are inviting mentors/program directors to send their entries using the below "Program Registration" Link

Date: Saturday, December 6​th
Time: 3:00 PM
Venue: Glencoe Theater
                Glencoe High school
                2700 NW Glencoe Rd
                Hillsboro, OR - 97124

Based on the previous event's feedback from our Koota members, we are restricting cultural entertainment to three hours. We will have 20 slots of 5 minutes each and majority of slots will be allocated to kids programs, 3 slots are allocated to grand finale medley for all of our great singers/musicians from our Koota community.

  • Mentors/Program Directors: Limit One program for kids & One program for adults.
  • Each participant is limited to two performances.
  • Group Performance (Adults & Kids)
    • ​Minimum Participants for a group performance is 6
    • Majority of participants should be Kannada Kids
    • Maximum Duration is 5 Mins
  • Medley/Skit: ​Maximum of ​ - 15 mins
  • All entries are subject to audition & will need to be confirmed.
    • ​Mandatory Stage Rehearsal will be on Nov 23rd​
  • Last date for registering your entry is Oct 15th, 2014 
  • Slots will be filled based on first come first serve basis​
    • Any unfilled slots after Oct 15th will be given to mentors requesting more than the allocated slots.
  • Note: If any additional equipment other than standard equipment offered at the facility is required for any program, Participants/Mentors will be responsible for arranging them

If you have any questions, please email at or call Anil at 971-400-2563