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We kicked off our 2009 Deepavali function by the Kids Singing competition  last sunday (25th Oct). It was really nice to see kids singing kannada devotional songs, "Hats Off" to them. Thanks to Jayashree Vardhana and Shailaja Prasanna who took the responsibility of judging. 

*Here are brief mins of the event:* 

Couple of modifications had to be made before the start of the event. Since there was only one entry in the 11-14yrs category we had to merge the groups into one and made 7-14Yrs group. There were 5 kids in this category. Then, there was a little surprise package in Navya Hegde, who got inspired by her elder brother and decided to participate. So, we made a separate age group of <7Yrs which included Navya and Saanvi Boggarapu. Competition went on smoothly and then organizers sold few tickets (Bonige aayitappa!!!). 

Congratulations to Aneesh Mysore for winning the competition. So, watch out for this *PKK Deepavali 2009 Little Champ* performing at main event on 14th Nov. 

Here are the results from the competition

* 7-14Yrs Category *

 1st Place: Aneesh Mysore 
2nd Place: Siddharth Hegde 
3rd Place: Archana Kurse 
4th Place (Tie between 2 contestants) 
-- Aakash Kurse 
-- Monisha Prasad 

* <7Yrs Category *

1st Place: Navya Hegde 
2nd Place: Saanvi Boggarapu 

All in all, a very fun filled event. Thanks to all the parents who prepared their kids for this event. Thanks to every one who came and inspired the kids and special thanks to Judges. 

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